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Luxurious Outdoor Living: Garden Room, Patio, and Outdoor Kitchen Paradise


A grand garden transformation to create a luxurious outdoor haven that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality

Project Brief

At Designer garden Rooms & Landscapes we're committed to turning outdoor spaces into breathtaking retreats. When our client approached us with a vision of a grand garden transformation, we embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. The goal was clear: to create a luxurious outdoor haven that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality.

Client's Vision

Our client's dream encompassed a complete outdoor overhaul, featuring:

  • A spacious and inviting garden room designed as a versatile living area.

  • Wrap-around decking and a bespoke bar using exquisite larch cladding.

  • An outdoor kitchen equipped with an integrated BBQ, fridge, sink, hot cupboard, and granite worktops.

  • A sophisticated rendered finish on the front of the kitchen.

  • A sheltered area, constructed with floating structural posts, a single-piece EPDM rubber roof, and larch cladding coated with Osmo oil.

Challenges and Innovations

Transforming this vision into reality presented us with several exciting challenges:

  • Crafting a level foundation on the sloped garden for the garden room.

  • Ensuring proper drainage to prevent water accumulation.

  • Harmoniously integrating the garden room and outdoor kitchen.

  • Creating a bespoke bar and wrap-around decking to elevate the garden room's charm.

  • Designing and installing a fully functional outdoor kitchen with a rendered finish.

  • Constructing a sheltered area that provides protection without compromising aesthetics.

Project Solution

Our expert team approached these challenges with creativity and expertise:

  • Meticulously graded the garden to establish a level base for the garden room.

  • Implemented a state-of-the-art drainage system to manage water effectively.

  • Seamlessly integrated the garden room and outdoor kitchen, achieving a cohesive look.

  • Handcrafted a bespoke bar using larch cladding, enhancing the garden room's appeal.

  • Designed a top-tier outdoor kitchen with integrated BBQ, fridge, sink, and hot cupboard, all graced by granite worktops and a stylish rendered front.

  • Built a sheltered area supported by floating structural posts, complete with a single-piece EPDM rubber roof and stunning larch cladding coated with Osmo oil.

The Remarkable Outcome

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a garden transformation beyond compare:

  • The garden room stands as the heart of outdoor entertainment, exuding comfort and charm.

  • The garden makeover maximizes space, providing a safe haven for children to play.

  • The bespoke bar and wrap-around decking enhance the garden room's character and functionality.

  • The outdoor kitchen is a culinary paradise, offering top-notch amenities with a touch of sophistication.

  • The sheltered area ensures year-round enjoyment, rain or shine, while remaining visually stunning.

This project exemplifies our dedication to turning dreams into reality. At Designer Garden Rooms & Landscapes, we excel at transforming outdoor spaces into luxurious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Your outdoor oasis is just a call away.