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A Luxury Garden Makeover for Passionate Plant Enthusiasts


A deep love for real grass and planting and passion for greenery.

Project Brief

At Designer Garden Rooms & Landscapes we pride ourselves on transforming outdoor spaces into enchanting havens. When we were approached by a retired couple who shared a deep love for real grass and planting, we were excited to embark on a project that celebrated their passion for greenery.

Client's Dream

Our clients had a clear vision in mind, which included:

  • Leveling the sloping garden to create a harmonious landscape.

  • Crafting two distinct patio areas to maximise outdoor enjoyment.

  • Incorporating one of our luxurious garden rooms, adorned with thermopile cladding, into the lower patio area.

  • Designing a graceful, upright sanded sleeper planting area to enhance the garden's aesthetics.

Project Solution

Challenges and Creative Solutions

Transforming this vision into reality posed unique challenges:

  • Grading the sloped garden required precision and expertise.

  • Balancing the desire for lush planting with functional patio areas.

  • Seamlessly integrating the garden room with the lower patio for a cohesive look.

  • Creating an elegant planting area that complemented the overall garden design.

Our Vision Realised

Our dedicated team met these challenges head-on, resulting in a garden makeover that exceeded expectations:

  • The sloping garden was expertly leveled, creating a visually appealing and accessible landscape.

  • Two distinct patio areas were crafted, each designed for specific outdoor activities and relaxation.

  • The lower patio area now proudly houses one of our opulent garden rooms, boasting stunning thermopine cladding.

  • The upright sanded sleeper planting area added a touch of sophistication to the garden, enhancing its overall aesthetics.

The Final Flourish

The outcome of this project is a garden that embodies the essence of natural beauty and functionality:

  • Real grass and abundant planting bring the garden to life, capturing the couple's passion for horticulture.

  • The two defined patio areas offer versatile spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

  • The garden room serves as an elegant retreat, seamlessly integrated into the lower patio.

  • The sleeper planting area adds a touch of elegance and charm, enhancing the garden's overall appeal.

This project exemplifies our commitment to creating outdoor spaces that reflect our clients' passions and desires. At Designer Garden Rooms & Landscapes we excel at turning dreams into lush, vibrant, and functional garden retreats. Your own garden paradise is just a call away.