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Transforming Outdoor Spaces: A Multi-Level Garden Renovation


Indian sandstone patio area and an additional living space created through a larch-clad garden room with a reinforced insulated concrete foundation.

Project Brief

In this case study, we'll explore how our team transformed a challenging multi-level garden into a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Our client, a family, required both a usable Indian sandstone patio area and an additional living space created through a larch-clad garden room with a reinforced insulated concrete foundation. We'll detail the strategy, implementation, and results of this remarkable project.


The client's multi-level garden posed several challenges. It was uneven, had limited usable space, and lacked a cohesive design. The family desired a harmonious garden that accommodated both relaxation and entertainment while increasing the property's value.


Our objectives were clear:

1. Create a spacious and inviting Indian sandstone patio area.

2. Construct a larch-clad garden room with an insulated concrete foundation for year- round use.

3. Improve the overall aesthetics and functionality of the garden.

4. Enhance the property's market value through smart landscaping.

Project Solution


To achieve these objectives, our strategy included:

  • Extensive site analysis and soil preparation.

  • Designing a multi-level garden layout.

  • Implementing Indian sandstone patio installation.

  • Building a larch-clad garden room with reinforced insulated concrete foundation.

  • Integrating lighting and landscaping for a cohesive look.


We executed our strategy with precision and care. The key steps included:

  • Site excavation and grading.

  • Installation of a reinforced insulated concrete foundation for the garden room.

  • Creation of multi-level terraces using Indian sandstone.

  • Construction of the larch-clad garden room with attention to insulation and aesthetics.

  • Installation of lighting and planting to enhance the garden's appeal.


Our hard work and attention to detail led to remarkable results:

  • A spacious Indian sandstone patio area for outdoor dining and relaxation.

  • A stunning larch-clad garden room with year-round usability.

  • Increased property value due to the improved outdoor space.

  • Delighted clients who can now enjoy their garden to the fullest.

Key Achievements:

  • Indian sandstone patio now serves as a functional and visually appealing space.

  • The garden room adds significant value to the property.

  • Seamless integration of the multi-level design.

  • A happy family enjoying their transformed outdoor space.

Lessons Learned:

This project reinforced the importance of:

  • Detailed planning and site analysis.

  • High-quality construction materials and techniques.

  • Effective project management for timely completion.

  • Continuous client communication for project alignment.


Our multi-level garden renovation project successfully turned a challenging space into a beautiful, functional, and valuable outdoor area. The Indian sandstone patio and larch-clad garden room exemplify our commitment to craftsmanship and client satisfaction.

Future Plans:

We look forward to further enhancing this garden's beauty and functionality through regular maintenance and future landscaping projects.