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Transforming Spaces: A Double Garage Conversion with a Bespoke Media Wall


Transformation of a standard double garage into a multifunctional living space with a stunning bespoke media wall.

Project Brief


This case study delves into the transformation of a standard double garage into a multifunctional living space with a stunning bespoke media wall. We'll explore how our team turned an underutilized area into a modern, functional, and visually appealing part of the home. This project showcases our expertise in renovation and interior design.


Our client owned a double garage that was rarely used for vehicle storage. They sought to maximize the space's potential by converting it into an inviting area that could serve as both an entertainment hub and an extension of their living space.


Our objectives for this double garage conversion were as follows:

  • Create a versatile living area with a bespoke media wall.

  • Ensure the space is comfortable for various activities, from watching movies to hosting guests.

  • Enhance the overall aesthetics of the garage's interior.

  • Add value to the property through smart renovation.

Project Solution


To achieve these objectives, our strategy included:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the garage's structure.

  • Designing a layout that accommodates the bespoke media wall.

  • Selecting high-quality materials and finishes.

  • Maximising insulation and soundproofing for comfort.

  • Ensuring seamless integration of technology.


Our approach included:

  • Careful demolition of existing structures.

  • Reinforcement of the garage's structural elements.

  • Construction of a custom media wall, incorporating storage and entertainment components.

  • Installation of insulation, heating, and cooling systems.

  • Selection of modern fixtures and finishes for a contemporary look.


Our efforts resulted in:

  • A versatile living space with a stunning bespoke media wall as the centerpiece.

  • A comfortable and well-insulated area suitable for various activities.

  • A significant increase in the property's value.

  • A delighted client who now enjoys an expanded living area.

Key Achievements

  • The bespoke media wall is a functional and aesthetic masterpiece.

  • The converted space seamlessly integrates with the rest of the home.

  • The garage conversion has added significant value to the property.

  • A satisfied client who appreciates the newfound utility of the space.

Lessons Learned

This project reinforced the importance of:

  • Thorough planning and precise execution.

  • Collaborative client communication for vision alignment.

  • Expertise in both construction and interior design.

  • Attention to detail in every aspect of the conversion.


Our double garage conversion, featuring a bespoke media wall, showcases our commitment to transforming spaces. This project has not only added significant value to the property but also provided our client with a versatile and comfortable living area.

Future Plans

We look forward to maintaining the quality of our work and assisting our client with any future renovation needs they may have.

Final Thoughts

This case study highlights our ability to turn underutilised spaces into functional and attractive areas that improve the overall quality of life for homeowners.