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Garden Rooms

Exploring the Different Uses of Garden Rooms

garden rooms garden room uses

Let’s take a look at the common things that our rooms can be used for.

Designer Garden Rooms can offer you the very best when it comes to seeking a great addition to your property. Whilst we plant a tree for every garden room we build, our expertise can be applied to suit your every need as well as the environment – whatever you want your room to be turned into.

So, what are the different uses for garden rooms? Let’s take a look at the common things that our rooms can be used for – there are so many different options. So, whatever your dream is, we’re sure that we can make it happen!


If you’ve always dreamed of having a home gym, then building one of our garden rooms would be a perfect space for this. With high-quality building materials, we can assure you that you’d be able to work out all year round without being affected by extreme weathers. You can also choose your own layout to fit with your individual garden requirements, meaning that it shouldn’t be a problem to fit your gym supplies into this space – whether this is cross trainers, treadmills, or rowing machines. Our garden rooms will offer plenty of space for a workout, making it incredibly handy for anyone seeking to get physically fitter. This can also be applied to yoga – the rooms provide a great space to stretch and relax.


Need to concentrate on work and keep getting distracted by the chaos of your house? A garden room could be a perfect office space since it is separate from your house, meaning that you’ll have no distractions! Office space in one of our garden rooms could be quiet, help your work ethic improve, and could motivate you to work.


Ever dreamed of having your own pub? One of our garden rooms could make this a living reality for you. With different shapes and measurements available, we’re confident that we can provide you with a room big enough for your needs, whether you need large units, bar tables, or more. This can be a great little space ideal for having your mates over without keeping other members of the house awake.


Similar to a pub, a salon can also be a great little business that you can turn one of our garden rooms into, sourcing a peaceful atmosphere away from your main house. You can easily choose a stylish design layout that works best for this type of use.

Living space

You may just be seeking a quiet getaway, a cosy space that you can indulge in away from the hectic nature of your house. It’s easily possible to turn one of our garden rooms into a snuggly hut of tranquillity – make your dream possible today!

From this, I’m sure you can see that our garden rooms have a lot to offer customers – whatever their individual needs are. It’s possible to make your dream a reality in your own back garden, so get in touch if you’re attracted to our rooms' different possible uses!