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Garden Rooms

Materials used when building garden rooms

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One of our Glenspean garden rooms

Our company prides itself on constructing each room with high quality, sustainable Siberian larch.

Designer Garden Rooms might have more to offer than you initially thought when it comes to learning about the materials that we use. Our company prides itself on constructing each room with high quality, sustainable Siberian larch. This makes our builds an energy-efficient choice that goes above and beyond to help save our environment.

As well as being eco-friendly, our garden rooms are all fully insulated and include a Firestone EPDM roof of which we are an approved roof installer. This ensures that there are no joins, preventing any unwanted leaks in your roof. Whilst the rubber is glued onto the roof with PVA, all the materials make this secure, giving a twenty-year manufacturers backed guarantee. You can count on us to trust that our high quality, sustainably sourced builds will stand for an incredibly long time. This means these materials also come in very useful if you want to sell your house in the years to come. The rooms are built to a similar specification as a normal house extension. So, your garden room should still be in great condition after time has passed due to the high-quality nature of our construction which can also add value to the price of your property.

You mustn’t forget the other aspects of materials that our garden rooms have to offer you to make your dream garden room a reality. In the installation process, a concrete foundation is installed to create a secure base for your building, although alternative foundations would be considered depending on your ground conditions. The walls are specifically wrapped in a waterproof vapour membrane which allows for breathability, preventing any build-up of unwanted condensation.

Cladding, doors, and windows are also installed, all to make this room a part of your home. With the cladding, the highest-grade stainless-steel screws are used which give the perfect fix. The preferred cladding that we use with our garden rooms is Sila Select, mostly because of the long life span we pride ourselves on as well as a high-grade atheistically pleasing finish. Other types of cladding, such as cedar, composite, and themowood are available and can be discussed at the start of the process.

Plasterboard and electrics are also included in our build and the process is complete with a painted finish and water-resistant laminate flooring. We can also offer you additional assistance which can include building extra storage space or splitting the room into two. With any of the builds, you can request any additional or specific materials from our company to best fit your needs. This can include additional windows, decking, or lighting, but always be reassured that any additions will also be constructed with the highest quality.

Hopefully, you can see that Designer Garden Rooms have thought out the materials of our builds thoroughly to ensure a perfectly finished garden Room. We want to give our customers nothing but the best when it comes to our eco-friendly constructions